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Free Funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

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What to bring on your child's first day

Photographs of the named persons who may collect your child must be provided.

Nappy Users

  • Nappy cream if used - we do not provide nappy cream.


  • 2 bottles and teats; the nursery will provide labels with your child’s full name.
  • Their own feeder cup if used-we supply beakers.
  • Refrigerated or frozen breast milk must be brought in daily in either hard-sided plastic containers with a well fitting top or alternatively in freezer milk bags which are specifically designed for storing human milk. It must be cearly labelled with the child’s full name.

All Children

  • Their own feeder cup if used-we supply beakers.
  • At least one set of spare clothes; during toilet training your child will need an ample supply of spare clothes.
  • Wellie Boots for going on walks or playing outside.
    Indoor shoes, especially in the winter months.
    Coats appropriate to the weather for outdoor use.
  • Factor 25+ sun cream if you wish to provide your own (the nursery will provide sun cream of factor 25+. This will be suitable for your child’s age, waterproof, for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic).
  • Sun hat

Please label all items clearly including coats, cardigans, jackets and bags