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Copies of all policies and procedures are available at the nursery, the following are the highlights of selected policies and procedures.

Settling In Policy

At Twizzle Tops we believe that the way in which the child and parents settle into the Nursery will provide the foundation on which secure and trusting relationships can be built. How parents feel about leaving their child will have a direct influence on how the child settles.

It is our aim to ensure that, as far as possible the settling in process is a positive experience. Therefore we expect the parents to work with the staff throughout this period.

The settling in period will usually take place over one week.

During the settling in period

Once a child's place has been confirmed by the Nursery, a settling in period will be discussed and agreed between the Manager/Deputy Manager and Parents. A Key Person will be allocated and the parents informed of his/her name. The Key Person will meet the Parent to discuss any relevant information required to aid the child's settle e.g. sleep patterns, religious observations etc. and this will be recorded on the Parent Key Person Settling in Notes.

First settling in day

The first settling in day will allow the child and parents to familiarise themselves with the Nursery. It will allow the child to explore the Nursery environment feeling the security of their parent's presence. This settle will last approximately one hour and the Parent Key Person Settling in Notes will be completed and if necessary the Allergies, Asthma, Medical Conditions Action Plan or any other paperwork required.

During the remaining settle in days, the parents will stay with the child for sufficient time so that the child feels settled and the parent feels comfortable about leaving their child. When leaving their child for any length of time, the parent will be encouraged to inform him/her that they are leaving and to reassure them that they are coming back soon.

Second settling in day

This to last around one and half hours. Parents to be reassured that we will call them if there are any problems.

Third settling in day

This is to last for 3 hours (a mini session) either 9.30am - 12.30pm or 2.00pm - 5.00pm, to allow the child to experience meal times.

The settling in days are free, however if more than three settles are required a normal session fee will apply.

Safeguarding Children, young people and vulnerable adults and Child Protection Policy

Our nurseries will work with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults and to give them the very best start in life.

We carry out the following procedures to ensure we follow the three key commitments :

Key commitment 1

We are committed to building a 'culture of safety' in which children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected from abuse and harm in all areas of our service delivery.

- All staff are trained to understand our safeguarding policies and procedures and that parents are made aware of them too.

-All staff have an up-to-date knowledge of safeguarding issues, are alert to the signs and symptoms of abuse, and understand their professional duty to ensure safeguarding concerns are reported to the local authority children’s social work team or the NSPCC.

-Enhanced criminal records and barred lists checks and other suitability checks are carried out for staff and volunteers prior to their post being confirmed, to ensure that no disqualified person or unsuitable person works at the setting or has access to the children.

-Volunteers do not work unsupervised All staff and volunteers are informed that they are expected to disclose any convictions, cautions, court orders or reprimands and warnings which may affect their suitability to work with children (whether received before or during their employment with us).

-All staff and volunteers are required to notify us if anyone in their household (including family members, lodgers, partners etc.) has any relevant convictions, court orders, reprimands and warnings or has been barred from, or had registration refused or cancelled in relation to any childcare provision (see above questions), or have had orders made in relation to care of their children.

-We notify the Disclosure and Barring Service of any person who is dismissed from our employment, or resigns in circumstances that would otherwise have led to dismissal for reasons of a child protection concern.

-Steps are taken to ensure children are not photographed or filmed on video for any other purpose than to record their development or their participation in events organised by us. Parents sign a consent form and have access to records holding visual images of their child on the enrolment form.

-We keep a written record of all complaints and concerns including details of how they were responded to.

Key commitment 2

Twizzle Tops Day Nursery is committed to responding promptly and appropriately to all incidents, allegations or concerns of abuse that may occur and to work with statutory agencies in accordance with the procedures that are set down in 'What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused' (HMG 2015) and ‘No Secrets’ (DoH 2015).

Responding to suspicions of abuse

Twizzle Tops Day Nursery acknowledge that abuse of children can take different forms - physical, emotional, and sexual, as well as neglect.

-We ensure that all staff have an understanding of the additional vulnerabilities that arise from inequalities of race, gender, disability, language, religion, sexual orientation or culture and that these receive full consideration in relation to child, young person or vulnerable adult protection.

-We refer concerns to the local authority children’s social care department and co-operate fully in any subsequent investigation.

Recording suspicions of abuse and disclosures

Where a child makes comments to a member of staff that give cause for concern (disclosure), or a member of staff observes signs or signals that give cause for concern, such as significant changes in behaviour; deterioration in general well-being; unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse or neglect; that member of staff:

-listens to the child, offers reassurance and gives assurance that she or he will take action

Informing parents

-Parents are normally the first point of contact. Concerns are discussed with parents to gain their view of events, unless it is felt that this may put the child in greater danger.

Liaison with other agencies

-We work within the Local Safeguarding Children Board guidelines.

-The current version of 'What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused' available for parents and staff and all staff are familiar with what they need to do if they have concerns.

-We have procedures for contacting the local authority regarding child protection issues We notify OfSTED of any incident or accident and any changes in our arrangements which may affect the well-being of children or where an allegation of abuse is made against a member of staff, and any specific procedures such as responding to concerns about radicalisation or extremism (whether the allegations relate to harm or abuse committed on our premises or elsewhere).

Allegations against staff

-Twizzle Tops Day Nursery ensures that all parents know how to complain about the behaviour or actions of staff or volunteers within the setting, or anyone living or working on the premises occupied by the setting, which may include an allegation of abuse.

-We respond to any inappropriate behaviour displayed by members of staff, volunteer or any other person living or working on the premises

-We follow the guidance of the Local Safeguarding Children Board when responding to any complaint that a member of staff or volunteer within the setting

-We ensure that all staff or volunteer know how to raise concerns about a member of staff or volunteer within the setting.

-We respond to any disclosure by children or staff that abuse by a member of staff or volunteer within the setting

-We also report any such alleged incident to OfSTED, as well as what measures we have taken. We are aware that it is an offence not to do this.

-We co-operate entirely with any investigation carried out by children’s social care in conjunction with the police.

Disciplinary action

Where a member of staff or volunteer has been dismissed due to engaging in activities that caused concern for the safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults, we will notify the Disclosure and Barring Service of relevant information, so that individuals who pose a threat to children and vulnerable groups can be identified and barred from working with these groups

Key commitment 3

Twizzle Tops Day Nursery are committed to promoting awareness of child abuse issues throughout our training and learning programmes for adults. We are also committed to empowering children through our early childhood curriculum, promoting their right to be strong, resilient and listened to.


-We ensure that all staff know the procedures for reporting and recording any concerns they may have about the provision


The layout of the rooms allows for constant supervision. No child is left alone with staff or volunteers in a one-to-one situation without being visible to others.


-We introduce key elements of keeping children safe into our programme to promote the personal, social and emotional development of all children, so that they may grow to be strong, resilient and listened to and so that they develop an understanding of why and how to keep safe.

- We create within the setting a culture of value and respect for individuals, having positive regard for children's heritage arising from their colour, ethnicity, languages spoken at home, cultural and social background.

- We ensure that this is carried out in a way that is developmentally appropriate for the children.


All suspicions and investigations are kept confidential and shared only with those who need to know. Any information is shared under the guidance of the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Support to families

-Twizzle Tops Day Nursery believe in building trusting and supportive relationships with families, staff and volunteers.

-We make clear to parents our role and responsibilities in relation to child protection, such as for the reporting of concerns, information sharing, monitoring of the child, and liaising at all times with the local children’s social care team.

- We will continue to welcome the child and the family whilst investigations are being made in relation to any alleged abuse.

-We follow the Child Protection Plan as set by the child’s social care worker in relation to the setting's designated role and tasks in supporting that child and their family, subsequent to any investigation.

-Confidential records kept on a child are shared with the child's parents or those who have parental responsibility for the child in accordance with the Confidentiality and Client Access to Records procedure and only if appropriate under the guidance of the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Confidentiality Policy

All information given to us by parents is valued and shared with only the appropriate carers of each child.

Staff will ensure that all children's records whilst shared with the child's parent/legal carer are not made available to other than the child's direct carers.

Staff and students will not discuss individual children outside of the nursery without prior written consent from the child's parents/legal carer.

Information regarding the children in our care will only be shared on a need to know basis. However where there is a concern that the child is at risk, or maybe at risk of significant harm, the child's welfare and safety is the overriding factor.

Inclusion and Equality Policy

At Twizzle Tops all children are made to feel valued and good about themselves through sharing positive experiences with each other and staff, using resources which reflect diversity and activities to help them appreciate and value each other's similarities and differences. Positive reinforcement and praise is used throughout the child's day. We recognise that children have the right to be respected as individuals, to have opinions, to be listened to and to make choices.

Making a Complaint Policy

Twizzle Tops believes that children and parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes.

We endeavour to do our best to ensure that we provide a high standard of care and a good service to our parents. To ensure this we have adopted a procedure for handling complaints.

The Nursery Manager has the ultimate responsibility to bring any concern to a prompt conclusion making full investigations, keeping parents/carers advised of progress within 14 days and notifying them of the outcome in writing within 28 days.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve our setting and will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns about the running of the setting. We anticipate that most concerns will be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result, we have a set of procedures for dealing with concerns. We aim to bring all concerns about the running of our setting to a satisfactory conclusion for all of the parties involved.

Sickness Policy

If a child becomes ill whilst they are attending the nursery, they will be monitored (e.g. taking the child's temperature on a regular basis) and if it is felt that it is not beneficial for them to continue with us that day, the person in charge will phone the parent/carer and inform them of the situation. Parent's/carer's maybe asked to collect their child.

Parents must notify us immediately if they aware that their child has a contagious illness, even if it has yet to be confirmed by a doctor. If a child has such an illness, we will require written, medical confirmation that they are fit to return to the setting.

Children suffering from sickness, diarrhea, high temperature or the possibility of being infectious must refrain from attending the setting until they are clear from the symptoms for at least 48 hours.

If a child has been sent home from Twizzle Tops Day Nursery due to ill health they should not be re-admitted until the child is suitably recovered or until the GP says they can return.


Children and Staff will be excluded from the nursery if they have diarrhoea and/or sickness until 48 hours after the cessation of symptoms.

For all other infections, exclusions will be for the period recommended on the Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other Child Care Settings.

Any other communicable disease or notifiable infection where the Health Protection Agency or Public Health Departments recommends a child should not attend nursery. Advise will be sought from Health Protection Agency.

A notice and/or email will be put up for all parents to be advised that cases of an infection or disease has been in the nursery. This is also for infections or diseases that exclusion of the child is not necessary.

We reserve the right to exclude children whom the Nursery Manager, Deputy or Third in Charge feel are not well enough to be present at the nursery

Transition Policy

We believe that children settle best when they have a key person to relate to and that all children should be supported though and given the opportunity to experience a smooth transition process.

When a child is moving rooms

We aim for the setting to be a welcoming place where children feel safe and stimulated, we ensure that all children entering the nursery or moving from room to room has an appointed key person who is enthusiastic about the child and their well being, we arrange mini visits for each child to spend time with their new key person with in the setting.

Parents are advised when their child will be moving rooms, this will be explained to them by the child's key person and an introduction made to their new key person. We spend time discussing the Childs needs and key information in order to help us to settle the child quickly and smoothly. A Room Transfer Information form to be filled in and filed in the child's Learning Journey.

When a child is attending more than one setting

When a child attends more than one setting we always try to work closely with the other setting to ensure continuity of care for the child, exchanging information with the other settings key person to help support the child.

Children moving into Reception Class

When a child is leaving the setting to go to Reception Class we invite schools to visit the child within the nursery setting to meet and discuss the Childs development with their current key person. We have links with the local schools and can visit before children move up. The key person will fill out a Early Years Foundation Stage Transfer Summary which is put in the Child's Learning Journey that is passed to the school.

Uncollected Child Policy

In the event that a child is not collected by an authorised adult by their expected collection time, we have put into practice agreed procedures. The child will receive a high standard of care in order to cause as little distress as possible.

We inform parents/carers of our procedures so that, if they are unavoidably delayed, they will be reassured that their children will be cared for and their needs are met

Sleep Policy

We aim to meet the children's individual needs; staff will sooth children where necessary when resting. Sleep patterns will be discussed with parents at the settling in time. Parents will advise the Nursery of any changes or requests to their child's sleep patterns.

Visits and Outing Policy

As part of their learning and development the children at the nursery undertake a range of local outings including walks, visits, etc, off the premises and permission will be sought for your child to be included in such outings. Outings and visits are planned to complement and enhance the learning opportunity and extend play opportunities for the children. These will be carefully planned and the following guidelines will be followed on all outings from the nursery, however local or frequent they may occur.

Medicines Policy

The setting will only administer prescribed medicine (doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist) which is clearly labelled with the child's name, medicine type, amount to be administered and correct date (in English). No un-prescribed or over the counter medicine given by a parent/carer will be administered.

The exception to this would be if your child develops a seriously high temperature. In this situation, up to a maximum of 5ml of a paracetamol designed for children, such as Calpol, would be administered if the parent/carer has filled out an Paracetamol Emergency Consent Form. We will also attempt to reduce the temperature by tepid sponging and giving fluids and request the parents'/carers' attendance as soon as possible.

If a child is taking antibiotics for the first time they must be kept away from the nursery for at least 24 hours to enable the medicine to take effect and to ensure there are no side effects. Children who have been prescribed antibiotics (that have had them before) can return to nursery if acceptable with the GP and once first dose has been administered by a parent/carer.