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Food Menu

At Twizzle Tops we believe that children need a healthy balanced diet as well as regular physical exercise.

These combined are essential for children's health and well-being. We have worked with the School Food Trust in putting our menus together, as it is important we support your child's development.

All meals are cooked and prepared in our own kitchen and there is always a vegetarian option available. Our menus are on a four-week rotation and are reviewed every season, so that your child will get an opportunity to try a wide variety of foods. When your child begins attending nursery you will be asked about religious/cultural dietary requirements, allergies or preferences that they may. We aim to cater for all your child's requirements.

Meals are sociable occasions where adults and children get the chance to chat to each other and enjoy their meals together. We always encourage children to self-serve and feed themselves.
Drinks are available all day for children to freely access. We provide milk, juice and water along with fresh fruit.

Our Menus are put together with Guidance from the Children's Food Trust.

* Cereals are a choice of Rice Krispies, Wheatabix or Cornflakes

The menu may change slightly to accommodate festive seasonal dishes

"I love nursery pasta, its wiggly!"
Ruby, aged 4
"I like pasta and broccoli, in my tummy"
Edith, aged 3