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Q:How often do the children go out?

A: Every day

Q: Do you supply nappies and wipes?

A: Yes, however if children require any cream this is supplied by you

Q: What type of nappies do you provide?

A: We order our nappies from a reputable supplier, they are from Pampers

Q: Qualifications of staff?

A: We have a mix of qualifications, we work with the Governments 'Statutory Framework' which sets down the requirements, 50% of staff have to hold a Childcare and Education Qualification. We aim to have all staff at level 3 in Childcare and Education. Near all of our staff are qualified to this level, have a level 2 or working towards a qualification.

Q: Do you do potty training?

A: Yes we support all children in their toileting requirements and work closely with parents with this are of development

Q: How does the funding work?

A: Children the term after their third birthday are entitled to 15 hours of Government funding. This maybe increased in September 2017 to 30 hours. Some children are entitled to two year old Government funding, ask your nursery manager for details

Q: What is NEG Funding

A: NEG stands for national education grant and is 15 hours of free education for children aged 2-4 years old.

Q: How do I get NEG 2 and 3 Funding

A: NEG 2 needs to be applied for via your local council if you visit their website all of the relevant information will be on there.

NEG 3 is available to all 3 year olds the term after their 3rd birthday and does need to be applied for via the council

Q: Is food and drink supplied?

A: Yes, this is included in the full fee price. For Government funded sessions only include snacks and drinks, a choice of paying £3.50 per session for meals is required or a packed meal.

Q: Can you drive up to Marsh Farm nursery?

A: Yes, you can drive from 7am-9:30am and 5:30pm-7pm.

Q: Are all formula milks provided?

A: The nursery provides 2 types of milk, please ask nursery manager for more details.

Q: What types sessions do you offer?

A: We offer 3 types of sessions-

Full time sessions- five days

Full day sessions 7am-7pm

Half day sessions 7 am-1 pm, 1 pm-7 pm

Q: How long does it take my child to settle in to nursery?

A: Every child is unique and each child’s journey is different to another, at Twizzle Tops we offer three settling in sessions which are free of charge. Working in partnership with our parents we do the first settle together where we complete settling in notes which gives your child’s key person as much information as possible to make their first few weeks at nursery as easy as possible. Then the next two sessions we encourage the parents to leave their child in the staffs capable hands and let them experience an average couple of hours in the setting.

Q: What do I bring for my child on their first day?

A: When completing the settling notes at the first settle parents are given a list of what they can bring for their children when they start the setting.