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"You ladies do an amazing job and I can never thank you all enough"
"I would like to say thank you for all the hard work you and the ladies do to make sure our kids are taken good care of. I really appreciate all you do for Sanah who has dietary requirements and since she has started there you have all gone out of your way to support me on this matter. You ladies do an amazing job and I can never thank you all enough"
Sanah's mummy
"I am over the moon with this service!"
"Mandy I would like to take the time to drop you a message regarding the new learning book programme. I am over the moon with this service! I’ve seen and read some amazing achievements that Lola-Marie has achieved in nursery recently! This service is fantastic to let me see how my little girl is growing from day to day and month on month!

I love the fact you attach pictures of her while doing these amazing achievements! Lola-Marie loves nursery and now I love being able to share the experience with her with the new service you have made available. Another highlight of this service is it is showing me as a parent where Lola-Marie is achieving more higher then I realised. I am able to track what areas she is strongest and areas I can now spend more time focusing on to improve her learning. I also love that I can upload achievements myself for nursery to see what Lola-Marie enjoys at home too.

I would like to add on behalf of dad that he was extremely happy that he is now able to see Lola on her journey from his own mobile phone. His extremely excited to head to Wales to see his parents and share all this with them and show them all Lola’s achievements. As they don’t get to visit often they now can share in the experience when we visit them."
Annie Butler, Lola-Marie’s Mummy
"Your staff are amazing"
"I just wanted to email you about how impressed I am with the nursery. Jessica has come on leaps and bounds since she joined the nursery in 2009. You have clearly spent a lot of time developing all the kids as Jessica can spell her name count to forty she knows a lot of stuff and that has mainly been down to your nursery as I am working full time. I would recommend this nursery to anyone as your staff are amazing too, I will be very sorry to be leaving the nursery in May when we move as I don't feel I will find another nursery who are very accommodating and also kind"
Laura - Jessica's Mummy
"We are ever so grateful for the care and support"
"We are ever so grateful for the care and support the girls have received from your kind staff during the two and a half years they have been with Twizzle tops nursery. I am sure they will miss all of you and the fun they had as they head to big school."
Petra, Vuyiso & Vuysillie's Mummy

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